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If you’re noticing a difference in your vehicle, perhaps it’s trying to tell you something. Are you listening? Maybe it’s your transmission warning you that it has a problem. If so, it won’t get better until you address the problem. Left alone, the issue could worsen, ending in transmission failure. Before this happens, bring your auto to Hawthorne Auto Clinic in Portland, Oregon. Since 1983, we’ve been helping drivers translate their cars’ language. We’re looking forward to speaking with your vehicle–and you. What’s more, we back up what we say with a 36 month/36,000-mile warranty, assuring you that you can trust our conversation and our auto repairs. 

Your Transmission’s Words of Warning 

Even if you’re not comfortable with mechanical concepts, there are some observable signals that could indicate the need for transmission repair. One indicator could be an illuminated warning light on your auto’s dashboard. Although the check engine light can point to a number of issues, have us take a look at your vehicle if you see that lamp. Regardless of what it indicates–simple problem or complex, transmission or another issue–we can fix it for you. Also, new unusual noises such as clunking, humming, or whining could possibly mean the transmission is ailing. Another potential indicator is a different feeling as your auto goes through the gears. This could include shaking or grinding. Additionally, the vehicle may do nothing for a brief period, delaying between the time you press the accelerator with the gear engaged and actual movement or failing to change gears when it should. You may notice slipping gears, too, which happens when the transmission moves between gears or goes in and out of gear on its own. This, of course, can be very dangerous. Further, you may observe a dragging clutch if you operate a manual vehicle. This occurs when the clutch doesn’t disengage when it should. Have us check your transmission if you detect a burning smell, a potential sign of overheating and burning fluid (especially if the fluid is old). Finally, a red-colored puddle under the car is probably transmission fluid. If you see this, there is likely a leak that needs attention.

Reliable Transmission Repairs

Whether your car’s transmission is just beginning to whisper about a little problem or is screaming for immediate attention, bring your vehicle to Hawthorne Auto Clinic. Our ASE-certified technicians work on any make or model, automatic or manual. They understand the unique needs of 2-, 4-, or all-wheel drive as well as the newer CVT’s. Better yet, although we understand the technicalities of transmission, we don’t expect you to. We’ll listen to your observations and experiences and set to work using our expertise to fix the problem.

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