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Every driver has his or her reason for choosing a particular import auto repair shop–or choosing never to go there again. At Hawthorne Auto Clinic in Portland, Oregon, we want to be your choice for all your vehicle’s preventive maintenance service and repair needs. In addition, we want everyone to feel comfortable and be assured of getting a fair deal at our facility. Did you know that fewer than 3% of mechanics are women? Our business is not only owned and operated by a female, half our staff members are women. (By the way, our guys are great, too!) Research (through Northwestern University) indicates that women often pay more for car repairs because the perception is that women know less about mechanical topics. This stereotype is likely purported because the entire automotive industry (including sales, service, collision repair, etc.) is predominantly staffed by men. When you bring your import (or domestic) to us, you’ll get honest repairs at a fair price, regardless of gender or any other factors. 

Every Driver Has a List of Reasons 

Every driver has a list of reasons for preferring a particular shop. What are yours? Here are just a few of the factors that make Hawthorne Auto Clinic a great choice.

Dealership Alternative

Car dealerships are great for particular purposes, and we’re not speaking disparagingly against them. If you want to purchase a new car, see a dealer. If you have a factory recall or a manufacturer’s warranty-covered repair, see a dealer. For everything else–routine services and repairs for which you will owe money–consider us. We offer the same great services performed by certified technicians at a more affordable price.

Local Community Member

While franchised shops offer multiple locations, there’s nothing like knowing that you’re dealing with your neighbors when you visit our shop. We live and work alongside you in our community. We take an interest in you and your car, develop a relationship with you, and know that we will see you again if we treat you well.


Because we value our customers and our reputation, we conduct business using fair and honest practices. We explain the repairs you need, but we never charge you for more than you need. Also, we price our work fairly. And, of course, we back our work with a great 36-month/36,000-mile warranty.

Make Us Your Choice for Import Repair

Whether you’re new to import ownership or continue to treasure your beloved classic, make Hawthorne Auto Clinic your choice for service and repair. Our ASE-certified technicians are eager to help you keep your vehicle running well. We offer a full range of services and repairs, including oil changes, tune-ups, brake repair, transmission repair, and suspension work to serve you.

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