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Your car called. It said it needs an oil change. When you answered, did you know where to forward the call? The best place to send your vehicle for an oil change or other repairs on any make or model is Hawthorne Auto Clinic in Portland, Oregon. You’ll find our staff friendly and helpful. We’re locally owned, and we’re a reflection of you, our neighbors, with half our ASE-certified technicians being men, half women. Our owner Terica Buckner (who co-owns with Andrew) has worked in the business her entire adult life, learning every facet of auto repair as she served in technician, service advisor, bookkeeping, and now entrepreneurship roles. When you forward your vehicle’s call to her, she knows just what to say.

Oil Change Messages

Your car left you a voicemail. Do you understand the message? Although you should change your motor oil at regular intervals, your auto may need an oil change sooner. We’ll share some signs to “listen” for. Your engine needs a sufficient supply of lubricant to keep it running well and prevent damage. If you hear knocking sounds, you may be low on or out of oil, allowing metal parts to clang against one another and causing damage. A burning oily smell that you detect inside the vehicle as you drive should prompt you to get service. Your engine may have developed a leak that allows oil to drip onto hot components, creating an unpleasant odor. Once our experienced mechanics repair the leak, you should start over with a new supply of oil and a clean filter. Also, you may detect a hygiene issue with your engine. Why? When oil ages (a product of time, heat, and/or miles), it begins to break down. As it loses its essential properties of lubricating moving parts, removing heat caused by friction, and suspending dirt/debris away from critical components, the ineffective oil can combine with dirt to form sludge. That’s the dark gel-like substance that can clog your engine. If the problem becomes severe, you may see it clinging to the outside of the engine, too, making for a nasty power plant and engine compartment. If you get one of these messages, it’s time for an oil change regardless of how many miles it has been since the last preventive maintenance services.

Your Next Call

When you get the oil change alert from your auto, your next call should be to Hawthorne Auto Clinic. We’ll help you establish a service routine according to the manufacturer’s recommendation found in your owner’s manual, or we’ll customize one that’s right for you based on your driving habits if you operate your vehicle in extreme conditions. 

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