Reasons To Choose An Independent Repair Provider Instead Of The Dealership

Should I Visit a Dealer or an Independent Auto Repair Shop?

The Types of Shops You Can Choose

When it comes time for automobile repair and servicing, there are a few options for owners. There are dealerships, large corporate independent shops, and smaller independent shops. Dealerships are designed for the profit of the company owners because selling and crafting a car are completely different skills in the industry. What most people don’t know is that dealerships make much of their income from owners who return for auto service and repair. But just like you can buy cars and get better deals from independent car owners, you can also receive services and repairs at better deals from independent car shops. I Fix Fords & More is an independent car shop providing the Fuquay-Varina, NC area service for over 15 years. People have different preferences and needs, so below are some reasons to help you decide whether you want either a dealership or an independent auto shop.

Pros and Cons of Repair Shop Owners

Dealerships specialize in a certain make of car and will generally not service other types because they don’t have those parts or aren’t trained to do so. If you don’t have any dealerships nearby you may have to drive very far to reach one that can handle your vehicle. Also if your family owns multiple vehicles with different makes you would need to go to different dealerships.

While dealerships in general are much cleaner, reliable, and streamlined, they can be a lot less personable. You may never see your mechanic if you take your vehicle to a dealership and you may not be able to customize your service. A smaller independent shop may get to know their customers, and more importantly their cars to be able to provide more experienced care. It is best to research an independent shop beforehand through the Better Business Bureau or independent site reviews.

Find an Auto Repair Shop That Meets Your Needs

At the end of the day, everyone is looking for profit and may try to sell you services you may or may not need. However, because you can know who is working on your vehicle and have a more personable experience, independent shops are less likely to convince owners to get services they don’t need. You’ll also be getting parts directly from the manufacturer at a dealership which will be much more pricey than the aftermarket parts which may or may not be just as good from a smaller shop. The dealer will also have many more customers that you may need to wait in line after. You are not that important to them. However, a smaller shop appreciates all the work they can get because they need it and often can get your car done faster. If you do decide that the smaller shop fits your preferences and needs, come to I Fix Fords & More in Fuquay-Varina, NC for your auto repair and service. Call 919-646-2492.

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