Diesel Truck Maintenance Tips

What Can You Do To Make Your Diesel Truck Run Better, Longer?

Protecting Your Investment

If you’ve purchased a truck lately (or maybe even a while ago), you know these vehicles can be quite costly. Therefore, whether you make your living with your truck or simply use it for weekend leisure, it makes good financial sense to protect your investment. You want and need your diesel truck to last a long time and run well. As with any automobile, the key to longevity is a solid maintenance plan. For assistance with preventive services and all your auto repair needs, rely on the certified technicians at I Fix Fords & More in Fuquay-Varina, North Carolina.

Important Maintenance Tips

You’ve likely heard plenty of people provide the generalized advice of maintaining your vehicle. If you’re not into performing mechanical work yourself, perhaps you’re wondering exactly what they mean. Although there are too many service points to list here, we’ll outline a few of the most important maintenance tips. First, change the oil and filter regularly. Oil lubricates the moving metal parts, reducing the risk of damage from friction. Also, it removes a great deal of heat that might otherwise cause components to warp. Finally, motor oil suspends dirt and debris that can scar or corrode engine parts. Old oil can break down and lose its protective properties, so maintaining a sufficient supply of fresh oil is vital to your engine’s health. Check your owner’s manual for recommendations, or consult us if you drive under extreme conditions. Another component you should swap is the air filter. As it does its job of capturing particles so they can’t enter the engine, it will likely become clogged over time. This will reduce the amount of air entering the engine, reducing performance. Likewise, remember to change the fuel filter. Your diesel truck is likely to have two (primary and secondary). These need to be changed according to manufacturer’s recommendations and at the same time. Similar to the air filter, the job of catching stray debris to prevent it from damaging your engine necessitates periodic replacement. Additionally, monitoring and replacing (flushing) coolant is a cost effective service. Obviously, you need adequate coolant so your truck won’t overheat. If it becomes too acidic, it can cause damage that will be expensive to repair. Keep tabs on your engine’s gaskets, too. If you suspect a leak, let us check it for you and replace a gasket(s) if necessary. You may also benefit from using a fuel additive for diesel to combat any impurities that are present. Finally, take notice of the glow plugs, especially when it’s cold. These are needed for heat that aids combustion.

Your Local Partner for Maintaining Your Diesel Truck

If diesel truck maintenance sounds a bit overwhelming, stop worrying. You’ve got a partner for that. Better yet, we’re nearby. Bring your vehicle to I Fix Fords & More and see why your neighbors have entrusted their automobiles to us since 2005.

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